Xiao Qing Long Wan


eleases the exterior, transforms congested fluids, warms the Lung, and directs rebellious qi downward.

Inducing diaphoresis and removing fluid retention from the interior, relieving cough and asthma. It is used for affection due to pathogenic wind-cold and retention of fluid in the body, aversion to cold and fever, anhidrosis, cough with dyspnea and thin sputum.

Fever and chills (chills predominant) without sweating, coughing, wheezing, sputum that is copious, white, stringy, and difficulty to expectorate, generalized sensation of heaviness and body aches, difficulty in breathing when lying down.

Acute bronchitis, acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and influenza.

Price: $15.00

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