Bell's Palsy

BELL'S PALSY- a characteristic distortion of the face from a lesion of the facial nerve, and is a special form of monoplegia.

The disease can last for months and even for years and can occur frequently.

There are cases which usually seek acupuncture treatments as a last resort, after having been treated properly by western-style methods without satisfactory results.
The cause of the nerve paralysis - exposure to wind or cold and occurs at all ages.

Acupuncture, with electrical stimulation is the procedure of needles inserted into selected acupuncture points with light manipulation, until the patient experiences a feeling of numbness and heaviness, with either a dull aching or a tingling sesnsation. These responses are known in Chinese as "te chi" or response of the vital energy. The stimulation is seven(7) minutes each time and is done two or three times a week. One course of treatment consists of 8-12 sessions at an interval of 1 or 2 weeks. And, if progress is noted, another course is continued.

Acupunture points are carefully considered and all are located upon the facial nerve or its branches.

Acupuncture stimulation of these points will normalize the flow of vital energy.

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