Dr. Vu Minh Nguyen AP, Dipl. Ac., BS, BH, Ms.OM

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Dr. Nguyen earned his Bachelors Degree in Microbiology at Florida Atlantic University with the initial intention of pursuing his career in medicine. During the pursuit of his first Bachelors degree, he worked as a Biotechnical Research Technician enhancing his education and experience in the field of medicine and medical application. Vast explorations in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies were achieved and various techniques from tissue cultures through to RNA and DNA methods were utilized allowing Dr. Nguyen to solidify his footing in the field where he was certain to pursue.
Dr. Nguyen co-investigated and co-authored various publications to outline breakthrough findings in cancer research - finding which substantiates beliefs in a population where cancer rates were significantly less than average populations.
After obtaining the first Bachelors in Microbiology, Dr. Nguyen concurrently pursued a Masters in Immunology at Florida Atlantic University and obtained a position as a Clinical Research Associate at Phoenix Bioscience. Dr. Nguyen saw the position, at Phoenix Bioscience as an extension of his previous position as a Research Technician allowing him to excel in the field of Medicine and fuel his soon to be patient care career. His 8 year duration at Phoenix Bioscience allowed him to work on HIV drug development projects enhancing his knowledge of the intricacies of the drug research, development, and delivery process.
During the vast research conducted by Dr. Nguyen, working directly in medicinal research, he realized a key piece of knowledge which will forever change his perspectives on the effectiveness treatment and therapeutics of patient care. Dr. Nguyen found that there was great difficulty and complexity in finding medicinal applications to cure patients in various therapeutical areas.
For thousands of years prior to development of the pharmaceutical revolution, people around the world have lived well into their centurion lives without any major surgeries or medicinal interventions. Chinese medicine is one such form of therapy adding to a prolonged and healthy life. Chinese medicine existed strong in his childhood life and existed as the primary means of biological treatment for all ailments. This simple fact allowed him to realize the benefits from a personal perspective. This finding strongly influenced Dr. Nguyen’s career path modification to eventually obtaining a career helping people medicinally and therapeutically. His sights were now set to Oriental Medicine: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.
With his new vision, Dr. Nguyen pursued and obtained a second Bachelors Degree in Health Science in Public Health at the Acupuncture & Massage College. He later furthered his studies and obtained a Masters in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Nguyen is National Board Certified (NCCAOM) and acquired his licensed as an Acupuncture Physician (Florida) and opened his practice. Dr Vu Minh Nguyen now owns and operated an independent acupuncture clinic with a full herbal pharmacy.