Chinese medicine can be very successful in cases of infertility or frequent miscarriage where failure to conceive is based on hormonal imbalance, such as low progesterone. Patients whose infertility is due to fallopian blockage or scarring are less likely to show good results. In Chinese medicine, infertility is most commonly due to a weak kidney qi combined with blood deficiency. The tonic formulas in this category often need to be taken for six months, or until pregnancy is confirmed, and the formula may be continued during the first trimester to prevent miscarriage. If the woman is particularly weak of deficient, it is best to avoid the chance of conception for several months until reserves of qi and blood can be restored.

In infertility cases, liver qi stagnation may also be involved. Sometimes it is necessary to treat liver stagnation first, followed by tonification of the kidney and blood. Cases of infertility, particularly in obese women, may be due to accumulation of phlegm and damp. Unfortunately, this is difficult to treat with available patent medicines. However, you can see the herbalist and taking raw herbal tea formulas.

Other formulas applicable for infertility due to deficiency may be used and because these formulas nourish blood and kidney qi, can also be used for cases of menstrual irregularity, amenorrhea, postpartum or postsurgical fatigue, blood deficiency causing dry hair or hair loss, poor memory and cold limbs.

Most cases of infertility or frequent miscarriage are complicated and should be evaluated and treated by a competent practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, continuing once pregnancy is established.